Versailles Palace tickets

The Palace of Versailles is the magnificent castle commissioned by King Louis XIV, located just 17 kilometers from the center of Paris.
It can be reached from the capital by train in approximately 30-40 minutes, and due to its vastness, it would take more than a day to fully explore. However, it is recommended to dedicate at least half a day (with or without a guided tour) during your stay in Paris.

Declared a World Heritage Site, it is one of the most famous palaces in the world, both for its impressive architecture and its magnificent gardens.

Tickets for the Palace of Versailles: Skip the Line

Visit the splendid masterpiece of French art in Versailles.
You can explore both the palace rooms and the vast gardens.

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Ticket Information

By booking tickets online, you can skip the long lines outside the Palace. On average, the queues can be around 60 minutes long, but during peak season, they can reach up to two hours.

By purchasing a regular ticket or a guided tour ticket for the Palace of Versailles online, you can skip the line and enter through a dedicated entrance.

The advantage of booking online is that you can also choose your preferred time slot.

The Palace of Versailles consists of 2,300 rooms and vast gardens, so it would take days to visit them all. It's easy to miss and not admire some of the most important rooms or spend hours in the tree-lined avenues of the garden without seeing the main parts.

By visiting the palace and gardens with an expert guide, you'll be able to see all the treasures and discover all its secrets. The time spent in the building and gardens will be optimized according to your needs, and you can be sure not to miss the main attractions.

Audio guides in different languages are available to help you learn more about the Palace and gardens during your visit. Additionally, to skip the line and get more information about the visit, you can download the Palace's app.

The ideal itinerary to fully enjoy your visit to Versailles and encounter fewer people is to access the palace at opening time, 9 AM, explore the gardens around 11 AM when the gates open, visit the Estate of Marie Antoinette and the Trianon Palaces.

The duration of the visit varies based on the available time, the weather during the garden visit, and how much time you want to spend in each room of the palace.

For quicker visits, just under 2 hours are enough for the palace visit and another 2 hours for the gardens and fountains. If you also want to admire the Trianon, the Gallery of Carriages, the Grand Canal, and the groves, then a full day is necessary.

If you want to fully explore and discover all the secrets of the Palace and gardens, you can choose a two-day consecutive visit.

Palace of Versailles Hours

The Palace is open from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM every day of the week, except on Mondays.

How to Get to the Palace?

The Palace of Versailles is easily accessible from Paris, as it is only 25 kilometers away. You can use trains, buses, or cars, but the fastest means of transportation is the train.

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